Some Thoughts from the Great Dragon Project

Stress does not get the better of me, but sense of responsibility does. I am accustomed to be alone, still, sense of loneliness and isolation horrified me.

People like me do not climb to leading position due to their ability to lead people, but as a result of responsibility and judgement. Team members may not believe the leader's judgement, but they do rely on it - as long as the leader shoulder all the responsibility, they are happy with it. Such ultra unstable system will collapse as soon as any mistake happens, especially those out of control, either by the leader himself, or by some team member - doesn't matter - team members will soon lose their interest or hope to fix the problem. And mistake is almost definitely to come around.

Problem originates from the responsibility system. Students who I lead, most come to the project with just out of curiosity, or even unwillingness. They have nothing beneficial from me, nor threatened by any power from me. The only reason they follow my order, is out of trust, that I could make sure that the problem be solved at the lowest cost of their time and work.

So the 'solution' is clear now. Under such condition, best solution is to assign tasks and orders as simple as possible to everyone and let them believe that this is the best way that they could get away from this, after they finish their part. Sadly, machine is always stronger than people in terms of obeying orders.

First rule of leadership: PICK the right team member.