rss news

why rss

rss is the best solution to aggregate news with the advantages of being

  • free, no ads, no tracking, no targeting
  • highly customizable
  • across platform
  • decentralized

In short, by using rss we can choose sources rather than being targeted by algorithms with ads and propaganda.





The guideline is to choose from most unbiased media, i.e. AP and Reuters. Their positional (western) bias is then offset using TASS and 人民网 for voices from Russia and China.

This strategy covers:

  • Top 4 of the 5 UN security council members, with the exception of France
  • 3 of the 5 larget news agencies, with the exception of UPI which is yet another US news agency, and Agence France-Presse which does not provide mature english content.

KaTeX with VSCode, Jekyll, and WordPress Markdown

I use KaTeX in VSCode extension Markdown All in One for notes and homework. It's by far the easiest and most flexible way.

Markdown is such a markup language (see the paradox? lol) without a widely-accepted, strong official organization regularizing its syntax and grammar. Typical standards includes:

Implementation of Javascript libraries into Markdown, such as KaTeX, is done independently by Markdown processors, thus creating even more variants of syntax and grammar.

In an attempt to use the same syntax and grammar throughout my Markdown documents, i.e KaTeX with VSCode, Jekyll, and WordPress Markdown, and considering the possible transplantation to LaTeX, I adopt the following configuration for most consistent experience.

Dictionary Patch 3


With Chrome extension, user-defined protocol and Windows API integrated in C#, the auto-look-up process when reviewing words on Shanbay can be even more cost-efficient and precise comparing with former methods.