Chrome Dark Scroll Bar

Chrome now supports dark scroll bar as Github has implemented. After careful search and debug I finally located 2 syntax for its implementation, being:

A HTML meta tag telling Chrome supported color-schemes with preference by order. Chrome users with system-wide light/dark theme will find it respect this tag on page reload. The light theme remains what it was, while the dark theme features a default pure black background and pure white font color, with other colors like purple for hyperlinks.

<meta name="color-scheme" content="light dark">

A CSS property which can override previous meta tag and works without reloading the page

:root {
  color-scheme: dark;


Improved dark mode default styling with the color-scheme CSS property and the corresponding meta tag

Export MATLAB LiveScript into Viewable PDF

MATLAB LiveScript can be exported into pdf but the function is often broken. Sometimes figures are too large to stay in page frame, or it doesn't show figures at all.

To bypass this broken feature one possible way around is to save as HTML, and edit CSS to make sure things look normal before finally printing it into PDF.

Some useful CSS property to pay attention to:

    max-hight: none; !important
    max-width: 100%;