UX Optimization

My friend lespirt is a UX designer. She took a look at my website and offered me several great suggestions, which I interpret as following.

Fix module position (login, search, calendar) Simple work.

Optimize login module logic Login module now moved to Navigation Menu. Reserve an instance on post page, aligning with comment area now.

Add title (tooltips) to Calendar widget Due to the inconvenience of the Calendar format, I decide to weaken its function rather than strengthening it. So all I did was to modify the hyperlink to /blog/by-date page instead of showing daily/monthly archives.

/blog/by-date years overview block optimization Added text for clarification, changed hyperlink, page logic, etc.

Blog & Portfolio navigation bar logic optimization As I can't change the logic, I simply admit it by adding 'of' to the Portfolio sub-menu. Blog by Date, Porfolio of Graphic, seems good.


Credit to lespirt.