Fake Synaptics Precision Touchpad Driver in Win10 1709


The problem must lie somewhere else. May be the system upgrade process.

After a clean reinstallation of the Win10, the driver now instantly functions without error. No longer need any more configuration.

However if you're having some problems anyway, the following part may still help.

2018-03-17 19:08

I was trying to fake a precision touchpad with my ordinary Synaptics touchpad. It actually functioned perfectly before I upgraded my system to Win10 1709 (formerly 1607).

Now after upgrading, the driver no longer works. I try to bring it back, and I happen to find that if I put my laptop into sleep and then wake it up, the driver will function again!

So, I guess the waking procedure somehow reactivates the driver into normal status. And after some search I do find a tool to restart the driver manually - the 'devcon'. And it works!

.\devcon.exe /restart "@ROOT\SYNHIDMINI\0000"

Therefore, just assign a scheduled task on login to automatically activate the driver.

Driver Download

Precise Touchpad



Devcon Download (use 1709 amd64)



Task Scheduler <- "Reset TouchPad.xml"

2018-02-14 22:01