Android Root

Things one can do after gainning root access of their Android. Pls note that this is not a guidance to unlock and root a Android device.



Deviceļ¼š Xiaomi MIX 2S

Stock Android P PreviewMIUI EU 8.11.1_v10-9_2MIUI EU 8.7.26_v10-8.0
Android9 Preview98.0.0
XposedNot SupportedNot Supported3.1.5 Framework version 90-beta2
NiagaraCrash on Recents screenWorks perfectWorks perfect
Fingerprint GesturesWorks perfectWorks perfectNeeds Xposed to work perfect

Stock Android P Preview

SIM Must be removed before initialization. Chances are that System crashes regularly. (Fixed after a clean reflash but don't know why) MIUI cameras can be installed via Magisk Module.

MIUI EU 8.11.1_v10-9_2

Perfect version, but without Xposed.

MIUI EU 8.7.26_v10-8.0

Perfect version to customize.
Counter Parts - TBC
iOS 9.3.3Android 8.0.0
CydiaMagisk; Xposed
Cydia - ActivatorXposed - Xposed Edge; Fingerprint Gestures
Cydia - AdBlockerAdAway
Cydia - AkLocationXXposed - Fake Mock Locations; GPS Joystick
Cydia - Audio RecorderMIUI
Cydia - Battery LifeMIUI
Cydia - BetterWiFi7MIUI
Cydia - CCSettingsAndroid
Cydia - CloakyThemes
Cydia - DatameterMIUI
Cydia - Eclipse 3- Not supported by MIUI
Cydia - FlexXposed
Cydia - FUllForce- No need
Cydia - KuaiDialMIUI
Cydia - LittleBrother- Shell command 'wm density'
Cydia - LocalIAPStoreXposed - Uret; Xposed - Jasi
Cydia - MouseAndroid
Cydia - RecallPatchXposed - QXposed; Xposed - WeXposed
Cydia - revealMenuPoco Launcher; Niagara
Cydia - SlicesMIUI
Cydia - SwipeSelectionGboard
Cydia - TetherMe-
Cydia - User Agent Changer-
Cydia - Wake Info 2MIUI
Cydia - WallmartXposed - Xposed Edge Pro
Cydia - Watchdog ProMIUI
Cydia - [Various Commands]Magisk - Busybox
For gestures and automatic tasks (Cydia - Activator),Xposed Edge Pro is not that powerful as Activator, since it does not support inner screen gestures, PowerButton event, SMS content Event, etc. Tasker is even less powerful. Fingerprint Gestures works great on Android 9 with Admin access ('Behavior' - 'Lock now'). However on Android 8.0 Admin access renders bio-unlock inaccessible. To solve this, it has to change its 'Behavior' to 'Reduce timeout' and set 'Xposed Edge/App state/Fingerprint Gestures/get focus/Sleep/wake up/" to "Switch". To modify statusbar (Cydia - Cloaky), make one's own SystemUI zip within MIUI theme mtz package. To auto-change wallpaper (Cydia - Wallmart), use Xposed Edge Pro to execute shell command.
randomid=$((RANDOM % filecount))
cp "$filetomove" /data/system/theme/lock_wallpaper
For USB DAC, no global solution. Alternative ones include Hiby Music and USB Audio Player Pro(Supports DLNA, recommanded).