Project: Golden Horizon


A(n award winning) rural planning project, designed entirely by a group of Civil Engineer students (and newly graduated ones). The result is somehow not so bad since it at least won us an award, but I definitely wouldn't want to show it off. See the news report (in Chinese) for detail.


Yan Xiao: Project Proposing, Advising

Ke Ma: Project Management, Master Planning, Paperwork, Environmental Modeling, Detail Modeling, Rendering, Composition

Qichen Liu: Architect, Detail Planning and Modeling

Ruijia Wu: Ecology Planning, Paperwork, Driving

Zichen Bao: Bussiness Planning, Driving

Hongyi Pan: Project Proposing, Driving

Run Hu: Dialect Translation


Impetuosity it is.

I can tell how this project is finished: we spend several hours looking into others' projects online so we can mock the way they do it. We can even generalize the methodology of such projects in this way, so that we know where and how we should work hard, to what extent. With all the civil engineering knowledge that most our competitors probably does not share, we even have an extra edge of winning.

The problem deep down, is that we lack the fundamental knowledge of architecture and planning, which can not be digested within the limited time of the contest. The result, is that we have a project that looks like a planning project by other laymen, but definitely a improper one by the true professional.

Did I learn anything? I would not say I learned nothing from all the works here. But the major lesson is to stop taking such impetuous projects, without a clear goal.

I quit my job as a civil engineer research assistant. I am now a computer science research assistant, thanks to my accumulated experience on my beloved automation. I will still have to undertake some of such impetuous job in the near future, but the good news is that I am taking class again now.

One of the dangerous direction is to slip into the role of a project manager, without proper fundamental knowledge of the industry. The bottleneck would be too harsh to overcome.