Project: Glubam Building

A real glubam project to be built in Changsha, Hunan, China.

It will be the first glubam1 multistory office building in the world.

It is also my first calculation completely done in python. The code can be found here, in Chinese. You're always welcome to use google translate though.


The current accepted architecture proposal is

20210408 Glubam Building 4.6-2

20210408 Glubam Building 4.6-10

Completely parametrically modeled in Grasshopper.

Will possibly rebuild in Revit in near future, for practise purpose and engineering planning.


Calculation is done by python (in Chinese, but you are always welcome to use google translate) and SAP2000.

The blueprint is exported from Rhino-Grasshopper, and dimensioned by Autodesk CAD (To be updated).


Directed by Prof. Yan Xiao.

Designed by Mark Ma.

Non-commercial project for research and demo purpose.

  1. Wu, Y., and Y. Xiao. "Steel and glubam hybrid space truss." Engineering Structures 171 (2018): 140-153.