Dynamo vs. Grasshopper

I finally got my hands on Dynamo trying to model a parametric triangular sphere, which I have done several weeks earlier in Grasshopper. Convinced by Zhekai Li that Dynamo would perform better since it has advantage over complex modeling situation, I started from scratch to learn Dynamo. And 2 days later, eureka!


So let's come back to the topic: how does it feel to model something in Dynamo comparing with Grasshopper?

  • Programming friendlier
    • This is the main reason I am trying to switch to Dynamo. The way the code block in Dynamo works significantly reduces my time on parameter declaring and forwarding.
    • Moreover, the coding prompting allows a novice to code much more faster than a new Grasshopper user.
  • ¬†Slow
    • Dynamo is programmed in such a way that all blocks has to be run after an update in any block.
    • Despite I only have 3 blocks in the given scenario, it actually take significantly longer (owing to the long code block) than Grasshopper to generate the same model. This is particularly obvious when changing the input parameter quickly.
    • The way it shows error msg makes Dynamo code block hard to debug. Grasshopper also have such issues but I can choose to develop in visual studio when I need to deal with some really messy function.
  • Lack of basic commands
    • I HAVE TO INSTALL LUNCH BOX just to get z coordinate of a point! Back in Grasshopper I don't reckon a situation where something basic as such needs a plugin.

I have to admit this is just my feeling after 2 days' experience. I may come back later with more, or some edit, if I am to continue with Dynamo. (not quite likely lol)

Out of topic, I want to simply point out a reason why I don't want to use Dynamo anymore: It doesn't support Intel Graphics while I have a surface pro... and to find this out cost me a whole night.

Edit 20200202: Just found out that it's actually a matter of Direct X rather than Intel Graphic problem. Problem fixed following the Instruction. Direct X download from here.