Experimental and Numerical Studies on a Glubam Spherical Dome

Ruijia WU, Ke MA, Pengyu LI, Yubing HOU, Peixiang WANG, Binbin LI, Yan XIAO, Experimental and numerical studies on a glubam spherical dome, Engineering Structures, Volume 303, 2024, 117462, ISSN 0141-0296, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.engstruct.2024.117462.


Abstract: This paper explores static experiments and dynamic tests, along with structural analysis of certain glubam (glued laminated bamboo) dome models. A self-balancing lever system was employed for the static experiment, revealing mechanical performance details such as load-displacement relationships and internal axial forces in glubam dome structures. Dynamic behaviors were assessed through triaxial accelerometers on specific joints, employing the Bayesian FFT modal identification method to calculate structural modal parameters, including natural frequency and mode shape. Experimental outcomes closely aligned with results from the analytical approach using the finite element method. Overall, the paper contributes valuable insights into the static and dynamic characteristics of glubam dome structures, bridging experimental findings with analytical predictions. Keywords: Bamboo-based dome; Static experiment; Dynamic test; Finite element analysis