Zhejiang University Network

Had a chat with one of the local campus network admin, here is some of what I learned about the Zhejiang University network

  • the entire lab building is merely connected with 2 1-Gbps links
  • the new campus WIFI is restricted to 30 Mbps as requested by old main campus leader 'to ensure consistency'
  • office table network switches are trash with only 100 Mbps link speed
  • private router can cause DHCP problems thus DHCP should always be turned off, or they will ban the mac address
  • private router is against regulation as security might be breached that some connection can not be traced
  • all records are preserved permanently for security purpose
  • all connections to campus network can be traced to someone who is responsible
    • common link for sure can be traced to the account that is using it
    • direct link (static ip) can be traced to the applicant
    • most, if not all, direct link is bound to the device mac address
  • proxy service is detected using self developed software, through various techniques including using ip range pool