Pantheon: TV series review



Steve, founder and CEO of the best company of his time, tried to upload human mind to Matrix and almost succeeded. To ensure the job is kept on even after his eraly death of some incurable cancer, he opted to make a clone of himself. The clone would then be nurtured in the Truman Show based on Steve's own biography to ensure his genius.

  • Steve Jobs, the reality layer.
  • Trumen Show, the connection layer and sideline.
  • Matrix, the sci-fi layer, the metaverse.

It's good TV series in terms of story, great anime production in terms of visulization, but still, it lacks true sci-fi innovation of concept, and not quite consistant in character personality development and logic, in other words it feels awkward to watch from time to time.

plot holes

With the ability to manipulte the entire internet with root access to every device connected, the 'gods' seem quite unimaginative.

The antagonist turns out to have mental problems, which lowers the credibility of the entire set.

The latest development includes some very interesting settings about immortality. I guess the story hasn't quite prepared to introduce the ture enternity. The flaw, that the uploaded mind will decay over usage shows significant similarity to those of original life, which is both reasonable and disappointing. Having such a limit on its core sci-fi setting creates a sense that it's just a common story with some sci-fi tech, restricting further development.

easter eggs

The antagonist, an Indian, shared the tech with 'nations of top cyber', which turns out to be US, Russia, UK, Isreal, Iran, and China. Cannot say if he is trying to protect India by not letting them know such technology. Also, France is the only absent P5. P.S. 20221005 I just learned that the writer, Ken Liu, is a Chinese... all make sense now.


It takes the life of a protagonist to make an antagonist. Classic Joffery move. But too many plotholes,too may stereotypes.

Why no backup when everything is digitalized? Why physical annihilation when code injection is much more easy and cost effective?

As to the classic 'Chinese people are kind and reasonble it's CCP causing problems'... It would definitely be interesting to find out how a Chinese degenerated into a white left. Sure, it might not be the problem of Ken but the ideology gets across nontheless.