Android access

People are curious of why I need to root my Android despite all the troubles. Reasons can be catogorized into the following motivations:

  • I have the choice. Obviously I hardly have any choices if I use Apple products
  • to prevent manufacturer from deoptimizing my phone via forced update
  • to prevent app developer from excessive usage
  • to remove ads
    • anti spam
  • to gain access
    • app data local back up and restore
    • prevent msg revoking
    • nfc
    • call recorder
    • app data
    • vpn hotspot
    • system infomation
  • to automate repetitive tasks
  • to remove malicious software and protect data

which follows the following guidelines:

  • no one should force me to watch ads which I am not interested
    • it would not hurt anyone else since I will not buy anything promoted anyway
  • no one should force me from legal usage of my own property

but you can see why no one wants you to gain root access now:

  • os developers want to sell you 'cloud service' and they try to make your life harder when your are not subscribing (no easy way to back up and restore)
  • manufacturers want to deoptimize your phone (in subtle ways) so you can buy new ones
  • app developers want to gain access to your information and resources
  • sellers want you to watch ads
  • governments want to know you better

These parties are in a constant battle trying to carve up your phone, and would eventually reach an agreement. Unfortunately, you are not one of them. If even worse, you happen to live in a society where oppressors tend to always win, you want to find your own way away from that.

unlock boot loader

  • root: root access needs unlocked boot loader
  • custom operating system: not just third party ones, but also old versions and foreign (especially those targeted at EU market due to better legislation) versions


  • AdAway: anti ad
  • App Ops: resitrict app permission
  • Autox.js v6: automator, needs root for full feature
  • BCR: basic call recorder
  • Blocker: restrict bloating components
  • Card Emulator Pro: NFC emulating
  • Fullscreen/Immersive Gesture: remove the bottom bar
  • LSPosed: needs root for full feature of the following
    • AdClose: anti ad
    • NekoSMS: anti spam
    • QXposed: anti QQ msg revoking
    • WeXposed: anti Wechat msg revoking
    • 钉钉反撤回神器: anti Dingtalk msg revoking
  • MyAndroidTools: restrict bloating components
  • MT Manager: full file access
  • Neo Backup: full apk backup with data
  • Termux: full cli access
    • htop: needs root to work
    • ip: needs root to work
  • VPN Hotspot: VPN hotspot
  • Shamico: hide root