The Complexity of Humanity

Everyone knows "complicated" is code for "bitch." -Gone Girl (2014)


I was trying to classify and model all my good relationship, so I began to look into my friends, their interest, outlook, and personality.

The first model I bumped into was Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI. It's a really popular model. I soon discovered it has problem that the model itself is not reasonable as it labelled a lot of personality as incompatible, which is not, like thinking and feeling. IQ and EQ are definitely not contradictory to each other, and mostly often, positively correlated.

So I did some research and looked into the wikipedia page which lists a lot of psychology models.

I did not came up with any satisfactory model that is mature enough.

IMHO a good model, would be listing personality traits as features as independent as possible. For sure there will still be correlations, and it would be a tough work to solve for the coefficients, while distinguishing between those important features and others.

In the end I decide I should take a different approach. I found the MMPI-2 questionnaire and went on with a more empirical method, by simply trying to understand my target according their existing reaction under certain situation, without the abstraction of personality traits.


Concealed, as you would expect if you think alike.