Notes from International seminar on computational and performative design thinking

Nanjing University 2018.12.07
B. Li
Black box
Java instead of GH
Output stream Technical drawing CNC Driver Codes
Linear programming
? Vonronoi straight
Weighted Voronoi diagram
From <> 
? Visulization
Obj, fbx
Direct modeling
Rick smith 5 drawbacks of parametric modeling
? Procedure modeling and dataflow modeling
Visual languages - wiki Block based and flow based combines
Geometry is sometimes less important than data
GIS is better
5 - 95 theory, c.f. 2 - 8 theory
I disagree since one need foresight of development trending, and you still need the 5% to get things straight for the 95% Conceptually divided by flowchart - break down Controlled flow - dessert??? Geometry + topology + attributes Obi - sql? ? Honey bee Too complex. What's future?
屋面/墙 传热系数????北方/南方/季风 Trial-and-error