Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Great expectation, so is the disappointment. Warning: Spoilers. Uncivilized battles make the most part of the movie. Well, I know you may say, 'So is human history.' Please consider this, 'bad guys' play not only bad but also dumb - hideous behaviour without any logical reasons, and too many 'good guys' just make some marvelous chaos. I didn't plan to criticize the abosolute standard to distinguish good guys from bad ones, so let me just use the official standard.

Bad guys

Last time I 'saw' something similar was the World War II, when newly rising countries were seeking more interest around globe by tricking their people into some foolish magnificent goals. Thanos can be even called noble comparing with these countries' leader - one true revolusionist without any personal ambition, forcing his way through just to make a 'better' universe, even it means great personal loss and all the diffculties. BULLSHIT.

Good guys

These are the usual abosolute good guys throughout Marval history, and they usually do fighting much more than thinking. The problem is, such behaviour seems to have infected the editor and director, to the extent that I can name some logical flaws every several minutes.
  • Why don't Dr. Strange use time stone to fight Thanos? He did it quite well in the battle against Dormammu. If he foresaw something and made such decision, that would be against the law of causality, and render the story determinism. Even then, why don't he use the prophecy ability earlier?
  • Why a neutron star can be approached? Deactivated, and later reactivated?
  • Why would Black Panther open his doors to prevent others sneaking into his castle?
  • Why don't Thor cut Thanos's arm?
  • Why would murduring half the universe ONCE sovle the problem of resouce deficiency PERMANENTLY? Well, I see nobody points it out, which makes every good guy as dumb as Thanos.
  • Why ... ?

And the Chaos

The whole storyline is a chaos. You see fighting scense every now and then which actually makes every part of the movie an essential part - or none.

Half Finished´╝č

Besides, audience definitely knows the movie is half-finished after watching - it's got no end. However, there is no clue in the title to lable it a 'Part 1'. As long as it's still a super hero film, it never occurred to me that one would end with hero's failure. What's the point if the story has reached its end? Since when has there been a movie telling half a story? Since when has there been a movie judged according to its following eposide? That's called TV SERIES or DOCUMENTARY. This particular MOVIE sucks. Ironically, most successful TV serieses do have film-level eposides, which tell a whole story at a time. For instance, Game of Thrones, etc. I would suggest watching Avengers III just before IV is online. After this time, I am not even sure if it's worthwhile.