Reveal all HSAP without ‘modified’ tag

This is a log rather than a tutorial. It does one very specific thing, to reveal all HSAPs without getting 'modified' tag. Though I think the method of injecting/calling script without modified tag is worth sharing.


I have my HQ deployed at Unclaimed Sector behind Xenon Secot 524. So When I learned there could be a Unclaimed Sector beta but it's not in my game due to some game start randomness I try to bring it back without losing my game progress or getting a 'modified' tag.



  • write a script z.cheat.mkmark.revealall.hsap.xml to reveal all HSAPs based on cycrow's revealall cheat script, and add a fake signiture
  • extract plugin.turbo.hotkey.xml from corresponding pck file, backup the pck, then replace the pck by a modified xml where z.cheat.mkmark.revealall.hsap are replaced by plugin.turbo.activate
  • follow the 'Unmodifier' instruction to launch a game
  • activate turbo boost in game

the plain script of z.cheat.mkmark.revealall.hsap.xml

$main.universe = get global variable: name='main.universe'
skip if $main.universe -> exists
  $main.universe = get sector from universe index: x=0, y=0
skip if $main.universe -> exists
  $main.universe = [PLAYERSHIP] -> get sector

$x = get max sectors in x direction
while $x
  $y = get max sectors in y direction
  dec $x =
  while $y
    dec $y =

    $sector = get sector from universe index: x=$x, y=$y
    skip if $sector -> exists

    $flags = [Find.ExcludeTerranGates] | [Find.ExcludeGates] | [Find.Hyperspeed]
    $hsap = find gate: flags=$flags, refobj=$sector, max dist=null, refpos=null
    if $hsap -> exists
      if $hsap ->is hyperspeed access point
        if not $hsap ->is hsap discoverable
          if is valid route between sectors $main.universe and $sector
            $hsap -> set hsap discoverable [TRUE]

return null