Heart of Iron 4 (Man the Guns) Germany Fast World Conquest 1st Try

Basic order

  • Poland, Belgium
  • France, (Netherland), UK, Canada
  • US, Australia, New Zealand
  • Soviet Union
  • Japan

Detailed gameplay (important decisions)

  • 19360515 justify Poland and Belgium (use cancel justification trick to control world tension below 22%)
  • 19361225 mofo bill extension
  • 19370509 war Poland Belgium (finish before Maco Polo Event or world tension increases and ally will join, or actually never mind)
  • 19371027 war France (now ally joins anyway)
  • 19380719 Vichy France established. 1
  • 19380722 improve the relationship with Denmark, ask for docking rights (for Greenland port so we can naval invade Canada)
  • 19380826 war UK
  • 19390202 before the UK capitulate send 1 division to naval invade Canada, any non-port province
  • 19390219 UK capitulated, annex everything including Canada. 2
  • 19390628 US justified
  • 19391021 war US
  • 19400115 justify Australia, prepare to invade New Zealand at the same time
  • 19401008 justify Soviet
  • 19410317 war Soviet
  • 19420115 winter defending
  • 19420402 attack
  • 19420806 puppet Soviet, draw manpower, build enough army to encircle China
  • 19431210 justify Japan
  • After annexing Japan, there's no threat left.
  • Italy is an easy target since the naval invasion is so easy at this time.
  • Spain has so many divisions that they can't even supply themselves at this time. Bomb their infrastructure and it's an easy target.

Something else

  • If you defeat Netherlands, puppet Dutch East Indies. Insane manpower to draw from. Maybe have to do it before invading UK, so that even Netherlands joins ally, you get DEI in peace deal right after.
  • Build infrastructure in Soviet Union as invasion goes.
  • If you didn't get Canada in the UK peace deal then Canada will be the faction leader. Raj will leave ally (always). Invading Canada is almost impossible because of the terrible infrastructure, also US will join ally half-way.
  • Right after US capitulated the shortage of the resource and factory is gone. Now it's time to pour over-flown equipments to annex our puppets. And now we need manpower, consider DEI.
  • If you defeat Australia then New Zealand will be the faction leader.
  • If you defeat New Zealand then South Africa will be the faction leader, but they tend to do nothing despite being at war all the time.
  • Always escort convoys at English Channel cause that's where every single enemy with submarines will try to raid your convoys, and they are really good at it.
  • South Africa is easier to be naval invaded because of the terrible infrastructure.

Gonna try

  • 40 width division. Right now I used all 20 width divisions and the war is extremely hard cause I'll need to micro-manage almost everything, especially the war with Soviet Union is a nightmare.
  • Case Anton. (or rather not cause can't wait the ally to invade North Africa)
  • Invade Netherlands before UK. This has to be timed correctly like right after war goal against France justified. Maybe try using the focus tree.
  • 40 width space marine.


  1. Case Anton let you instantly inherit French navy but I missed this because this is my first hoi4 game, and Italy was doing well defending North Africa from the ally. Annex France directly later is okay since I got UK later anyway. 

  2. If to puppet British Malaya (or East Indies) then expect to be declared war by Japan in late 1941. Without ally's help by then China has already capitulated and there's nobody to stop Japan. But this can still be well defended if you have a strong navy. Encircle Japanese sea to stop any naval invasion (btw raiding all Japanese convoys) and release boundary country as puppets to isolate land access. Otherwise, you can leave them as are and Japan will conquer them. If you defeat Netherland later than Japan gets DEI, you can actually get DEI as your puppet as Japan will never invade Netherland and get a peace deal so its war never ends.