Hello, World!


It’s been five days since I decided to build this site on a boring Sunday afternoon. Now that almost everything feels good, and I think it’s time I paused and wrote something.

I barely knew anything about web page five days ago. I once designed one for a company purely in perspective of user interface (forgive my ignorance) and graphic design, and I think that’s where I started.

After five day’s learning, working and rehashing every bit of code from google, I reckon I do know a little about HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQL now.

I really appreciate those who made this so easy for a beginner. Especially I do admire the designer who made the WordPress 2016 theme. It’s exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for many years, a pure and simple design. And with just a little modification it looks even better!


So why do I build this site?

I don’t think I am one of those social animals who would post every time they have any nice photos, brilliant ideas, an euphoric or miserable surge. No offence though. It’s just not me. And I don’t want to bother everyone with my tiny trivialities, nor do I like to decide who I should bother with and who I shouldn’t.

So, I decide I should post somewhere only those who really want to see will see. And I don’t want to encourage this by any means.

To some degree I build this site mainly for myself. I wonder if the word ‘blog’ derived from ‘weblog’, which I interpret as ‘log online’, and I happen to think it’s a good idea.

I bring some old posts for test purpose but not much. The site is new and I guess I'd better look forward. (Too lazy in fact.)


As mentioned, I really appreciate those who have made all of this so technically simple.

Credit to WordPress and all its contributors!

2018-04-06 Dorm.